About me 

Veronica has always had a passion for makeup but it wasn't until she was 20 when she started following her dream to become a Professional Makeup Artist. In her teenage years she would practice on her friends and her 3 sisters but she fell more in love with the art when she discovered YouTube tutorials. She spent long hours of the day learning techniques and perfecting her skill which eventually led to her first makeup job at Lancome Cosmetics. She started as a part time artist and a little over a year she became Counter Manager. Once she had more practice, she wanted to challenge herself more artistically so she joined MAC Cosmetics and remains an artist for the company. Since 2011 Veronica has worked on many weddings, film sets along side Jesse Borrego, photoshoots, music videos, fashion shows,  and singer recording artists such as Kali Uchis and BiBi Bourelly. Veronica is dedicated to her craft and her clients and continues to grow as an artist.